The smallest cuckoo clock shop in the world?

Our small shop (about 50 square feet) opened in March 2003. It was and still is quite a novelty to find a shop in a Cornish fishing village that sells genuine German Black Forest cuckoo clocks. Maike, who is from the Black Forest, had a toy and gift shop in the village. When her mother visited Polperro she suggested to sell cuckoo clocks. And it started from there. First with two to three different models. When Maike realized there was a demand for authentic cuckoo clocks the shop was transformed into a cuckoo clock shop by the name of "Going Cuckoo" Besides, she brought in a large range of fashion watches and within a short time "Going Cuckoo" became a well-known shop popular with locals and holidaymakers. We can proudly say, since opening in 2003 we sold several thousand cuckoo clocks and countless watches. 

Times are changing.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we were unable to open "Going Cuckoo" for this season but we hope to serve our customers as soon as it is safe again to do so. In the meantime, we decided to enter a new era and create an online shop for our cuckoo clocks.